Cradle Song

Written, produced and directed by Celeste Chaney

Convinced her dead father is visiting her infant son, a sleep-deprived new mother struggles to maintain her sanity and sense of identity as she confronts a family legacy of pain and mental illness.

Coming to film festivals in 2020.

Why This Story?

While many people have heard of postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety is rarely discussed, even though it afflicts almost twice as many new mothers. 

Women are told that becoming a mother is the best thing that will happen to them, and yet, in those first few weeks and months of their child’s life, many women struggle with severe sleep deprivation, inexplicable heart racing, irrational fears, even memory loss. Many feel that they are losing themselves and their grip on reality. 

Cradle Song will serve as a different narrative about new motherhood, one that takes Tully a step further, and raises awareness about mental health, postpartum wellness and new parenthood.

*This film still needs to be colored. Stills have not been color corrected.


Mira: Ash Santos

Andy: Brandon Ray Olive

Joy: Kim Davis

Roger: Shawn Stevens

Elijah: Alice McBride


Director of Photography: Everett Fitch

Production Designer: Meg Cabell

Composer: Gene Micofsky

Editor, Audio & Sound Design: Alexander Woods

Costume Designer: Anna Hayes

Make Up: Marki Hinkle

Assistant Director: Rylee Syme

Gaffer: Jonathan Tinsley

Key Grip: Andreas Petker

1st AC: Mikkel Richardson

Visual Effects: Jake Hart

Camera Assistant: Jonathan Ramanujam

Digital Imaging Technician: Davey Davis

Script Supervisors: Mauri Love Hansen, Zach Johnson

Production Assistants: Cailey Chaney, Spencer Turner, Haley Wilker


Director of Photography: Kelsie Moore

Gaffer: Alek Sabin

Thank you to everyone who made this film possible.

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